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Who can benefit from AB21®?

Thanks to AB21® beneficial properties and clinically-tested efficacy, many patient profiles can take advantage of the formulation:

Patients with chronic respiratory diseases

Adults - mostly elders, suffering from chronic respiratory pathologies including asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This population has a debilitated immune system, that can be protected and supported with AB21®

Patients with comorbidities

Those suffering from hypertension, diabetes, obesity or heart failure, chronic diseases that also contribute to an increased risk of viral infection and less immune support.

Those with recurrent episodes of flu or cold

Individuals that due to several reasons (close exposure to microbes or low defenses) have recurrent episodes of flu or cold might benefit from a preventive AB21® treatment.

High risk individuals that get vaccinated

Those getting vaccinated for influenza or COVID-19 might benefit from extra-protection. Especially elders or healthcare professionals that are at higher risk of infection
AB21® is supported by a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial conducted in mild-to-moderate COVID-19 sufferers.

AB21® should be taken once a day for at least 1 month. Treatment duration can be extended as long as needed, since the probiotic is completely safe

AB21® can be recommended in the following situations:

For patients that have tested positive for virus infection, after accredited laboratory test and physician’s confirmation.

To strengthen immune function when first symptoms of virus infection appear

In those cases where potential exposure to virus is increased (social interactions, travelling and others).

To potentiate the immune response when the immune system is challenged, like after vaccination.

Mild to moderate COVID-19 sufferers are highly likely to benefit from AB21®, as it is the first probiotic tested to improve its symptoms, and help reduce risk of infection.